Incubator room
  • Apply slightly over-pressure ventilation.
  • Optimum temperature: ± 22° C (72° F) and relative humidity: 50%
  • For easy handling of trolleys and trays minimum working space of 3 meters should be allowed in front of the incubator.
  • Depending on the type of incubator used, a distance of 60 cm should exist between theincubators and between the back of the incubator and the wall.
  • For cleaning purpose it is desirable to have 1.5 meter space above the incubator.
  • The fan capacity depends on the type and capacity of the incubator.
  • Generally speaking a standard of 57 m air per hour for each 10,000 incubated eggs is recommended.
  • For the ventilation of the incubator a separate incubator-ventilation-system is preferable