Hatchery Layout

We Having The following rooms are necessary (the numbers refer to the hatchery layout )
A. The egg-receiving – grading – and storage rooms (1,2,4,5)

Lot of the hatching eggs are transported in carton boxes are used. Do not allow the truck drivers to enter the hatchery. If eggs are transported on containers, clean and disinfect them before returning to the breeding farm.
When the eggs are not directly put on trays, place egg boxes on wood-slat-platforms in the storage compartment.

If the hatching eggs need to be stored for several days keep the temperature at 18°C (64° F) with a relative humidity of 70 – 80%. After grading dispatch the out-graded and boxed eggs as soon a possible. Never use egg packing material form poultry salesman (disease risk). Clean the grading/setting room after every setting and the egg receiving area and storage room at least once a week.