Hatchery Hygiene
  • A hatchery rises or falls with the quality of the day old chickens delivered whereby the quality of the Hatchery as well as the hatching eggs has played a dominant part.
  • Here we will mainly discuss the hatchery (a separate chapter deals with the quality of the hatching eggs)

  •  Some general requirements which a hatchery needs to meet are :

      a.  A well isolated situation (no other poultry or fowl in the neighborhood)
      b.  Located outside the breeder or commercial layer farm and feed mill area
      c.  Free of trembling (not near a railway or main road)
      d.  Not high in the mountains (lack of oxygen)
      e.  Separate hatching eggs of the light and the heavy breeds
      f.  Do not allow persons who come into contact with other poultry to enter the hatchery, keep visitors away