Disinfection room
  • After the eggs are trayed (for incubation) they need to be fumigated.
  • This is best done in a special designed room between the egg receiving-grading- and storage room and the incubator room.
  • This room should function as a sluice. No one may pass through On both sides only
    from outside this sluice need to be opened or closed.
  • At the top of this room an extractor fan needs to be present. It is important that the fan shaft can be closed.
  • Near to the bottom of this room an inlet for fresh air needs to be constructed.

  •   When disinfecting take care of :

     1.  Concentration of the disinfectant
     2.  Time of the disinfecting
     3.  Correct temperature and humidity
     4.  Proper use of the ventilation system
     5. People’s safety