Chick Dispatch

Besides the interest of the hatchery man in a high hatching result and percentage of saleable first class chicks, the liveability of the day old chicks on the farm during the first week of age is very important too. The chick mortality in this period may be caused by mistakes of both, the grower and hatchery man.

A. Chick handling

Freshly hatched chicks often suffer due to handling several times, which means stress for them. In the hatchery one may reckon among them:

1. The collecting of the Chicks: never collect chicks for the second time; certainly do not help chicks to hatch by cracking the egg into two parts.

2. Sexing: hand sexing needs to be done with very young chicks; take precautions against rough sexing.

3. Dubbing: use a proper, well cutting pair of scissors.

4. Vaccinating (Marek): inject musculatory, do not damage blood vessels, nerves or bone tissue.

5. Grading: eliminate all malformed and weak chicks.

6. Preparing the dispatch: use only new boxes with the punched holes open; adapt the number of chicks per box to the climate conditions (in summer less than in winter). Put the boxes on racks or trolleys while waiting for delivery. When plastic chicken boxes are used, clean and disinfect them thoroughly, and use paper in bottom of the box.

B. Dispatch

Hatched from young breeders may hold less in reserve. (resistance, moisture) than chicks hatched from older ones (correlation with egg-weight). For that reason it is advisable to set the eggs of different age groups apart and keep them separate after hatching. If chicks are to be transported over long distances use for that purpose the chicks of the older flocks. In the case of chicks from young parent stock, early delivery is preferred e.g. the very day of hatching. Prior to loading the lorry, take care the truck is well cleaned and disinfected; the petrol tank has to be filled to capacity. During the process of loading be aware of having sufficient clear space between both the boxes themselves and the sides of the van. Prevent sliding of the boxes .A chick delivery report may be helpful for both:-  the driver to check all the important points.-  the hatchery man to solve troubles if any should arise over a certain baby chick delivery


C. Recommendations

Regardless of the method of transportation, the chicks must be moved  Quickly


D. Comfortable

Under optimum sanitary conditions Especially for summer delivery, speedy shipment and chick comfort are vital.And it goes without saying that strict sanitation is essential at all times.