Message From Board of Directors

"To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. It is imperative to combine these three forces in an industry.
We endeaveour to be one of the most competitive company in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operation, reliability for customers and thrust on discovery and development of innovative technology in industry."

Vijay Kumar Ghidia, Chairman
Vijay Kumar Ghidia is a Commerce Graduate and has experience in diverse business domains. With over 30 Years of Business Experience he has Lead several businesses with the intention of generating financial returns for the share holders and driving sustainable development. He has passion to serve the community by extending his leadership skills to create business opportunities in and around the region while at the same time contributing to the Nation building. He also has keen desire towards effective development that can promote goodwill among the employees leading to a much better future.
Amit Ghidia, a Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis, Pune. His dynamic leadership has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the Company in a very short span of time and he continuously explores opportunities for growth by synergising and blending its multiple core competencies to create new epicenters of growth. He is a firm believer in value based strategies and strong commitment towards organizational values. He holds a considerable professional and technical expertise with regards to Poultry Feed Industry and Commercial Feed Marketing in India. Satisfied Customers, highly motivated and innovative employees and rapid growth of the Company is his longtime dream which he is committed to make come true.
Navneet Ghidia, DIRECTOR
Navneet Ghidia, B.Tech in Computer Science, heads the Procurements and Expansion projects of the Group together with Hatchery & Breading Farm Operations. He has strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He holds considerable experience in manufacturing and marketing of poultry feed. With his aggressive personality he has much contributed towards the growth of the Group and has strong believe in ethical and professional principles. His interpersonal skills enable the Company to gain recognition and respect.

Vineet Kumar Ghidia, DIRECTOR

Vineet Ghidia, Ph.D in Political Science, he is always a step ahead of the competitors and has a special way of dealing with different groups of people, be the employees, suppliers, customers & stakeholders. He is an excellent motivator and supports in the overall operations of the organization at various levels.